Since 2018

Sandton Gold is a state of the art hotels with outstanding furnished executive suites of international standards located at No 10, Bank Road, Agbara Industrial Estate, Lagos-Badagry Express Way, Lagos,Nigeria.Our serene environment strategically located to provides an ideal point for your relaxation, events, engagements and access to your business visits, with a maximum security provided for your safety so that you can have a delightful and satisfactory experience with us.

Our team of management staff is made up of young, vibrant, intelligent and amiable professionals who are ready to pamper you with exquisite next to none in hospitality in and around the estate. We urge you to visit us on your trip to Agbara the heart of industry in south-west Nigeria as we promise you and your team of unequaled and passionate care and service that will surely guarantee much more visits


Our Standard

1. Choose music carefully.
2. Never serve food that has expired.
3. Keep the restaurant spotless.
4. Make deliberate choices with lighting.